Wednesday, July 21, 2004

cut & paste: solaris 

I could not recognize a single constellation. A distant voice reached me through the murmuring and crackling, shifted unexpectedly, penetrating my pneumatic cocoon. I had missed the precious moment. Successive bursts of static came through the headphones, and ran through my entire body, organic, sentient, unimaginably powerful, profoundly indifferent. The stars having vanished long since the vibration reached me, I felt no fear, I was falling against a background of deep, low-pitched murmuring.  My gaze was swallowed up on the pale reddish glow of infinity, swaying with a peculiar slow-motion rhythm imposed on it by the artificial magnetic field, filtered through the insulating layers of the outer skins the lurid sky became grey, distant and flat; everything was blotted out; I was falling in a spin. I turned round.  There was total silence.

mood: floating

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

quote: spectacular times 

In keeping with Channel 40s policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts in living color, you’re going to see another first – an attempt at suicide.

mood: crazy

Monday, July 19, 2004

cut & paste: Potlatch #29 

Our ambitions are clearly megalomaniac. The depletion of modern forms of art and style is all too obvious. The development of this task presupposes a revolution that has yet to take place. This desire gets smothered. It is their timidity that keeps people from looking beyond the decomposition, the pursuit of fragmentary works combined with simple-minded proclamations of an alleged new stage, a mechanistic idea whose function is to reassure. Very much "of today" in relation to their audiences, and nothing more, sidetracked in outdated theories, no longer offers even the memory of a reality.

mood: megalomaniac

Sunday, July 18, 2004

simple quote: spectacular times 

I give you bitter pills in sugar coating. The pills are harmless; the poison is in the sugar. The Spectacle is not just a collection of images. It is the medium of communication between images and is the means by which the real world is interpreted. Public Relations. The mass media is spectacular. Even in extremis it is unable to see itself as a participant in real life. Instead it turns real life into a spectacle - and participates in that. The spectacle offers 'new lamps for old'. Powerless and alienated in our real community it encourages us to live the community life of Ambridge, Crossroads or Coronation Street. All is conterfeit. So confident - it can taunt us with our own gullibility. Does your life match up to the spectacle?Isn't real life best left to the experts? ...Enjoy. The producer sells; The Consumer buys; and the COMMODITY gets sold. The TV companies produce the programmes, the advertisers culture. That really big commodity. The one that sells all the others. The mass media turns real life into a comic strip. "The black panther", "The Jackal", "The Penguin". The blood is real but the language is the language of Gotham City. In the right words. In the right order. Without the mass media there can be little effective propoganda. .... with it there is very little else. 'You might just as well say', added the March Hare, 'that "I like what I get" is the same thing as "I get what I like"'. Sometimes the mass media will even bite the hand that feeds it..... but it will never bite it off. It's only Rock n' Roll! Technological Valium. Programming? Isn't that what they do to computers?

mood: working

Saturday, July 17, 2004

cut up machine: chat dictionary 

Laugh no Now TOY no Tell TAT ya Ta Protocol TVHNTL In Till
TNT for Turnaround Till TNSTAAFL Control Laugh this Trying that TAL Too
Really TIC TNTL To TTYL Powers Pee Protocol TBIB Thanks
TCP/IP later Pants My you a Time In Very size Now Try you it
Bitch Transmission TILII Tongue be Laugh as very Care
a Thanks Till TILII for Call type Really Internet Not Advance Ta
Lot Till In for yourself very For To Too Again free
much of Take TIA Hard TTFS of thing Now
Try Turnaround Again To Thinking There's for
Turnaround Talk To The Now The
Thanks Not Trying like Trying is TTFN
Pants Again such Trying TRRHNTPIMP Laugh Again For Now no TYVM My
TCOY To TA Not Damn Pee To back TPTB time in Next Cheek in lunch it
Thank Much Trying Too TMTT Many... Not to TDM / Hard is
Telephone TNTPIMP to TC TTFN

mood: tongue twisted

Friday, July 16, 2004

cut & paste: Ballard 

In order to keep us happy and spending more as consumers then capitalism is going to have to tap rather more darker strains in our characters. Perverse inversions and unsettling paradoxes, they appear to be meaningless. The psychopathology of everyday life, cold and distant or abstract. The consumer society hungers for the deviant and unexpected. A perverse sexual act can liberate the visionary self in even the dullest soul, affectless casualties of the nihilistic, over-mediated consumer landscape. A paralysing conformity and boredom that can only be relieved by some sort of violent act. Our latent psychopathy is the last nature reserve, a place of refuge for the endangered mind. Morality reduced to aesthetics, a controlled and supervised madness. All we have left as an ideology is consumerism, searching for meaning in a meaningless universe, by taking your mail-order Kalashnikov into the nearest supermarket and letting rip. The total acceptance of the substrate of violence in consumer societies when it manifests itself. What else can drive the bizarre shifts in the entertainment landscape that will keep us 'buying'?

mood: soiled

Thursday, July 15, 2004

simple quote: surveillance camera players 

It should by now be common knowledge that the camera is primarily a tool of social control. The camera as used in advertizing presents to the populace the goods and lifestyles that are deemed desirable. The camera as used in film and TV then educates the populace on how to live one's life in a proper manner, so that one can acquire these goods and lifestyles (whether by legal or illegal means).

mood: exhausted

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